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Text from: Thomas J. Hudak (1990)
The Indigenization of Pali Meters in Thai Poetry.
Monographs in International Studies.
Southeast Asia Series No. 87. Athens: Ohio University.
(with author's permission)

Note: transcriptions of Thai words provided here do not include tone marks.

      A type of rhyme prose, raay usually consists of wak of five syllables each, linked together by rhyme between the last syllable of a wak and one of the first three in the next. A series of any number of wakcompletes a single stanza.
      One of the oldest Thai verse forms, raay is often used for laws and chronicles. When raay alternates with khloong the form is known as lilit.
      In lilit compositions, the raay passages frequently describe action while the khloong passages consist of dialogues or provide commentary. Judging from the similarities in syllable number and tone placement in raay and khloong, it appears that raay may have been the forerunner of the khloong verse forms.

The following is a list of raay
with versification pattern and audio samples.

Poetry reading performed by Mr. Thaworn Sikkhakosol,
Lecturer of Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University.

1. raaysuphaap
2. raaydan
3. raaybooraan
4. raayyaaw

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