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Learning Thai Texts and CDs

The following is a list of textbooks or CD for Learning Thai (self instruction) that I am aware of. If you have additions to the list, please mail me at yuphapha@hawaii.edu.

1.) Thai textbook and tapes by US Foreign Studies Institute.
Contact Address: National Technical Information Services, 5285 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, Virginia , USA.
Phone Numbers (within US): 703-487-4650 or 800-788-6282
Web Site: http://www.fedworld.gov
Comment: quite old but still useful. There are two levels available, each with a set of 20 tapes. About $150 a set.

2.) Linguaphone Thai
Web Site: http://www.tower.ie/linguaphone/course4.html
Comment: Books plus tape set for self instruction. About $150 a set. Comes with 4 tapes and two handbooks plus a book on Thai writing system.

3.) Thai Interactive Learning System (CD for Windows)

4.) Essential Thai.
New Thai language book by James Higbie. Comes with 60 minute tape. Covers basic Thai.
Contact address: DK Today, 90/21-25 Rajaprarop Rd., Makkasan, Bangkok 10400. Fax (66 2) 247-1033

5.) CD ROM for teaching Thai.
Courage Software's Tutorial for Thai
Price: $129.00
Website: http://www.worldlanguage.com

6.) Thai Handy Dictionary.
Website: http://www.hippocrenebooks.com

7.) Learning Thai Script.
An interactive CD-ROM that takes you through the characters and sounds of the Thai alphabet (consonants, vowels, tones and numbers) showing you how they are written, used and pronounced in everyday words.
Produced by The Multimedia Interactive Learning Laboratory in conjunction with the National Thai Studies Centre, The Australian National University.
Published by Allen & Unwin
Contact Address: 9 Atchison Street, St Leonards, New South Wales 2065, Australia.
e-mail address: frontdesk@allen-unwin.com.au.
website: http://www.allen-unwin.com.au/PUBLISH/ltsdemo.htm
(information provided by Donee White)
A site with a downloadable demo of the CD: http://www.allen-unwin.com.au/software/softwaretitlesnow.htm
A list of other materials by National Thai Study Center.

8.) Colloquial Thai: a complete language course
by John Moore and Saowalak Rodchue
Publisher: Routledge, London and New York, 1994.
325 pp.+ vi + two 60 min. cassettes. U.S. $ 34.95; Can. $46.95.
ISBN 0-415-09574-3 (book);
ISBN 0-415-09575-1 (cassettes);
ISBN 0-415-09576-X (book and cassettes together).
Comment: (by Arch Tait a.l.tait@bham.ac.uk)
"It is a good course which pays proper attention to the tones, but unfortunately although it does introduce the alphabet and gives reading exercises all the dialogues and grammar exercises are in transliteration. Having worked through the book I have had to re-learn all the vocabulary in Thai script."
Review : By Dr. John Hartmann, Prof. of Thai at Northern Illinois University.

9.) Teach Yourself Thai: a complete course for beginners" by David Smyth
Publisher:UK: Hodder Headline Books , London 1995 British Pounds 8.99
          US: NTC Publishing Group, Chicago 1996. ISBN 0-340 59041-6.
Comment: (by Arch Tait a.l.tait@bham.ac.uk) "It stresses the alphabet much more than Colloquial Thai, and gives useful diagrams on how to write the letters of the Thai alphabet".

Review by Dr. Jordan Zlatev, Department of Linguistics, Thammasat University.

10.) Easy Language (17 language edition ) CD ROM.
Thai is one of the 17 languages. Beginner level.
Contact address: IMSI USA
1895 Francisco Blvd. East
San Rafael, CA 94901-5506
Tel:415-257-3000/fax 415-257-3565
e-mail sales@imsisoft.com
Web Site: http://www.imsisoft.com
(information from Dr. Prawet Jantharat)

11.) Life and Language: Thai Language Videos, with Transcripts in Thai and Phonetics, Vocabulary Lists, Translation and Notes,
by Peter Jackson, Scot Barme, and Pornphimol Panthusanit.
Canberra: National Thai Studies Centre, The Australian National University, 1994. 250 pp. + 100 min.video. NTSC version (N. America)
Aus. $65.
For ordering information, see http://www.anu.edu.au/thaionline/NTSC/PUBS.HTML
Email: _Bibliotech@aplemail.anu.edu.au

Review: by Dr. John Hartmann, Prof. of Thai at Northern Iliinois University

12.) "The Bua Luang What You See is What You Say" THAI PHRASE HANDBOOK
by Eric Allyn and Samorn Chaiyana.
Publisher: Bua Luang Communications Co. Ltd. 1993 and 1995.
In the U.S.
Floating Lotus USA
PO Box 147
Oakland, CA 94604-0147
Tel (510) 465-0747, FAX (510) 836-0798
E-Mail: books@floatinglotus.com
In the U.K.
Turnaround Distribution Ltd.
27 Horsell Rd.
London N5 1XL

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